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What To Expect

Going to a disaster area can be scary if it's your first time. Not knowing what to expect always raises a lot of questions.  What will I see? What will I need?  What can I do? Where will I stay? These are just some of the normal questions a person has when they want to volunteer to help after a disaster.  Hopefully, we can answer your questions and help to put your mind at ease.  Remember you're bringing a helping hand to those who are hurting and in need.

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What will I need?

You will need the same items you would need if you are going to summer camp or on a camping trip.

1.   Toiletry items, soap, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, razor, shaving cream, deodorant, mouthwash.

2.   Towel, washcloth, bed linen, blanket, pillow, fan (optional)

3.   Team members may wear good sturdy work shoes, no sandals or flip flops, duck shoes, which they may wear in rest times.

4.   Work clothes, long pants, long sleeve shirts preferred short sleeve acceptable, due to working conditions, tank tops and spaghetti strap type clothing is discouraged. Socks, changes of undergarments, belt.  You will also need clothes for the evening resting times.

5.   Sunscreen, personal medicine you may be taking, 

6.   Flashlight, phone & charger, 

7.   Team Hope will provide meals for you while you are working with our teams.

8.   Lodging is usually in a church Sunday School room with men and women in different sections. You may bring a blowup mattress, but if needed, we have some foldable cots to use. For cot usage, please let us know in advance to make arrangements for them to be shipped.

Types of Teams and Duties

Distributions Teams - These members will work alongside local churches or other organizations with food, clothing, cleaning supplies, traps, or other needed supplies.

Food Preparation Teams - Food prep teams prepare meals for all of our team members. Breakfast is the usual fare with bacon, eggs, toast, sausage, biscuits, cereal, etc.  Lunches for teams depend on the location of the team.  Sometimes teams will take a cooler with prepared food in it that will be ready when lunch is, or the food prep team may prepare meals and deliver them to the team.

Chainsaw Teams - Chainsaw teams are responsible for the cutting of trees in a safe manner.  Chainsaw teams must have a safety watch present to ensure the safety of all involved. 

Heavy Equipment Teams - Will use available equipment to move piles of debris safely to the prescribed location of dumping. Members may make prior arrangements to bring their own heavy equipment by calling any office numbers listed on our website.

Outreach Teams - Outreach teams are responsible for helping to meet the spiritual needs of the survivors and other team members after a disaster.  Survivors generally don't need "helpful" information as much as they need someone to listen to their stories and pray with them and for their families.  Many times doors are opened for needed ministry just by listening.

Church Team Leaders - We are looking to build Team Hope Teams in our churches and train the members in their desire area.  As with anything that it is living, there needs to be a head.  We are looking for individuals willing to step up and accept the call to lead their church teams.  If you believe you have that calling, please call any of our office numbers, and we will be glad to speak with you!


Our schedule is pretty standard. There are times, for various reasons, our schedule may get altered.  Following is a typical schedule we try to follow.

6:00 a.m Rise and shine - time to get ready for the day and personal devotions

7:00 a.m. Breakfast and corporate devotion. Teams members may lead this devotion.

8:00 a.m. Leave for site and work.

12:00 p.m. Lunch

5:00 p.m. Return to lodging area to get cleaned up and ready for supper

6:00 p.m. Supper

8:00 p.m. Team meeting, This is a time of celebrating the victories of the day, discuss any needs a member may have, and get briefed as to what the next day's activities will be.  There is no set "bedtime," but please be respectful of team members who may turn in earlier or may not be feeling well.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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